Philosophy of the firm

We have been practicing in full respect of the laws governing the legal profession.

We believe in team spirit and complementarity both within the Firm as well as in our relations with clients and other partners.

We place great importance on timely handling of consultations and ensure rigorous monitoring of litigation cases in order to reduce the delays in handling cases, subject to the contingencies of the system.

We lay emphasis on capacity-building, particularly by participating in seminars, subscribing to reviews and undertaking further training in universities.

e believe in the importance of specialization and are working for it.

Our legal fees are reasonable and we fix them depending on the complexity of the case, its importance, values, and the results obtained. Whenever circumstances permit, legal fees are agreed upon with the client in advance, either in the form of an hourly or flat-rate basis.

Our vision

Founded in 2004, our company has provided an effective legal solution which is affordable and non-traditional to our hundreds and thousands customers over the years. Our law firm is made up of an outstanding team in almost all areas of the law.

Our mission

Headed by the most outstanding and experienced attorneys in the country, our firm has a strong foundation in the fraternity of law, and we intend to effectively use our resources for the success of our customers. Supported by hundreds of successful cases in different fields of law, and being the favorite cabinet for many companies, you can be assured that you are choosing the right firm.